Patricia was in her twenties before she took her first art class, an elective that she had been told would be an easy “A.” Instead, she became entranced with art. Though ultimately she completed two writing degrees, she continued to take classes while pursuing a career and raising a family. Then a retrospective of the late collage artist Romare Bearden ignited her passion once again.

Her first artwork combined paper, fabric, and sewing as line, but the love of paint and texture drew her to more solid surfaces. While she occasionally still works on paper and canvas, her favorite substrate is deep wood panels, where she constructs multi-layered, textured abstracts by adding to or subtracting from the surface. Words continue to be important to Patricia and are often found in pages torn from old books or in tiny fragments hidden beneath multiple layers of paint. She uses expressive and familiar colors, those often found in nature.

Patricia’s work has been shown in galleries, corporate institutions, and national publications, and are held are held in numerous personal collections. She is an alumnus of the McColl Center for Visual Arts and is represented by Fine Art at Baxter’s in New Bern, NC. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.